Hello, I'm T.J.!

I began what I call my photography odyssey in 1975 with a Minolta SRT-101, my first SLR camera. My primary subject then was a newborn daughter. Married, with a new daughter and a new college degree in chemistry, I learned the technical aspects of photography when I began employment with a crime lab.

Skip ahead some unknown thousands of shutter clicks on my odyssey, to when I joined the digital revolution of SLR photography with the purchase of a Nikon D70.  From that time, I've been enthralled with the potential that digital images offer for expressing what the photographer wishes to convey.  Now retired after 31 years of forensic science work, my odyssey continues as I utilize newer cameras, hardware and software, and expand my abilities.  My journey looks bright with opportunity and full of possibilities for being creative photographically.

In the last few years, I've been privileged to be able to share my passion of photography with others.  It thrills and humbles me when I present photos to someone, and see smiles of joy, hear the appreciative comments, and sometimes even witness tears of joy from someone as they view some "photographic memories" that I have been able to preserve for them.  My hope is that as you view the images here, you will consider giving me the opportunity to work with you and share my love of photography with you.