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This information will serve as a general guideline – any fees and rates are subject to change without notice. Please contact me to discuss the specifics of your needs. These fees and rates cover my time and talents for the session and the general editing of selected images. Extensive retouching or complex editing of images may require additional fees. The cost of any work product (prints, digital images, and related items) are not included unless specifically specified.


2019 Seniors

New Fee Information and Session Types are coming soon!

Please be patient. The information below was for the 2018 Seniors!


This is about a 2-3 hour session. Multiple locations in the same area, usually of your selection, are allowed. Multiple wardrobe changes are allowed. About 40 images, (photographer's choice) will be selected and edited for purchase selection. Travel time and time for wardrobe changes are considered part of the session time once the session has started.

DOUBLE VISION SESSION -- $500 (total for both sessions)

There are two sessions, each about 2-3 hours long. These are Fall/Spring or two different seasons of the year if possible. Multiple nearby locations and wardrobe changes are allowed. Travel time and wardrobe changes are considered part of the session time once the session has started. About 30-40 images from each session (photographer's choice) are selected and edited. Prints and other items are available for purchase.

MINIMUM PRINT ORDER AND DIGITAL IMAGES (Deluxe and Double Vision Sessions)  

A minimum Print Order of $200 is required prior to Digital Images being available for purchase. Digital Images are $300 for all edited images. (from all sessions)



Headshot sessions are customized to fit your needs, and may be priced less than portrait sessions. Portrait sessions allow more flexibility than headshot sessions, and are customized accordingly. These sessions begin at $300, and may be for a single person, a couple, single family or a small group. Headshot sessions for a single person usually produce about 4-6 images, and are provided digitally. Depending on the portrait session, approximately 20-25 images, (photographer's choice) will be selected and edited for purchase. Digital images from a portrait session may or may not be available for purchase, depending on the circumstances of the session.


Other photography bookings such as family reunions, parties, stage and theatre performances and similar events are quoted on an individual basis. Fees may be hourly, or quoted as an event fee. Travel expenses and any additional expenses incurred will be added to the fee. Hourly rates begin at $200 for the first hour, and $80/hour for each additional hour, billed in ½ hour increments. Travel time is charged if travel exceeds one hour for one-way travel. These fees include general editing of images, but does not include any work product such as prints or digital images.


I do not book weddings as the primary photographer, but I do photograph weddings as a “2nd camera” photographer. I am available for wedding related sessions such as “Save-the-Date”, Engagement, and Bridal. I am happy to share information that may be of value to you about your wedding needs, and can refer photographers for you to consider.


Photography classes are available on a limited basis in the form of informal private or small group camera classes or software editing lessons. Please contact me to discuss your needs and my fees.


A “Model Release” is required to be signed prior to the session. This release explains the obligations of both parties for the use of any images taken during the session.

A "good faith" retainer to hold your scheduled session is required at the time of booking the session. This is usually $100 for the types of sessions I book. Please discuss this with me when you inquire about booking me for a session.


Visit my separate site at to see many more examples of my work, and to see the current prices for prints. To see current prices, select a gallery and pretend to purchase one or more prints in various sizes. You are not obligated to purchase, and can clear your “shopping cart” at any time. There are many sizes of prints, canvases, prints on metal, and other choices available. Here are current prices for some of the most common items. Prices are subject to change without notice.

4x6 print - $8.00 (glossy or lustre finish)

5x7 print - $12.00 (glossy or lustre finish)

8x10 print - $16.00 (glossy or lustre finish)

Wallets - $16.00 (gloss or lustre finish, 1 sheet of 8 prints, die cut, about 2x3 inches each)

Digital images may be available for purchase on some session types. These images are high resolution JPEG images, suitable for printing. The prices of individual digital images, and/or complete session digital image packages will be determined when a session is booked, and will be dependent on several factors. 

All copyrights are retained by me. You are given usage rights of the images for personal use only. No modification, alteration or removal of any part of the image is allowed. Special usage requirements will be considered, and additional fees may be charged. Commercial use is not permitted without prior written permission.